Топики (темы) по английскому языку

Theatre (text topic). Топик. Тема по английскому языку

Данный материал предназначен для подготовке школьников по теме “Театр”. Материал топика Theatre подходит для изучающих английский язык, чей уровень владения соответствует среднему и выше.

Theatre (English topic) Тема Театр

Theatre is a place where you can see a play staged. It is also one of entertainments.

A theatre consists of two parts: the stage and the hall. They are separated by a curtain and the orchestra. Actors and actresses perform on the stage and public occupies the hall, the pit, the dress-circles, the boxes and the gallery.

If we made up our mind to go to the theatre we should go to  the box-office  to buy tickets.   Seats  can be reserved beforehand.

The last performance I saw was the “Nut Cracker” by Tchaikovsky. How great it was! The main parts were performed by Vadim Pisarev and Inna Dorofeeva. Everyone knows that they are very talented dancers. But I also was impressed by a very young ballet-dancer who was performing the part of Masha girl. I think she deserves respect of the audience because she did her best and looked great for her young age. I had a great time that night.

But we are to admit that theatre is not popular now as it used to be. There are many people who prefer to seat comfortably before the TV and enjoy themselves without leaving their homes.

Есть еще одна вариация топика на тему “В театре”. Она подходит более лингвистически продвинутым ученикам, содержит более сложную лексику и грамматику в сравнении с вышеприведенной темой “Театр (“Theatre“).

At the Theatre (text topic). Топик. Тема по английскому языку

Тема “В театре”

The 20th century brought great changes into the theatre. Cinema, radio, television, video altered the course of the major performing arts and created the new ones. But still there are hundreds of puppet theatres, conservatoires and philharmonics, musical comedy theatres, drama theatres and opera houses where the audiences are excited at the prospect of seeing a play and the actors are most encouraged the warm reception. 

But before going to a theatre you should book a ticket at a box-office. The most expensive seats are in the stalls, boxes and dress-circle. The seats in the balcony, pit and the upper circle are less expensive, they are cheap. Then at the entrance to the theatre the attendant tears your theatre ticket in half. He gives you your half back so that you can find your seat by its number. Another attendant shows you to your seat and sells a programme that will tell you which parts the actors are playing and how many acts there are in the play. Then you take your seat and may enjoy the play.

I have always envied the dwellers of large cities. They have so many opportunities to enjoy themselves. Theatres, cinemas, variety shows, circus, conservatoire, concert halls, etc. are at their desposal. In provincial towns like mine is we have only amateur dramatics. That’s why I always take the smallest chance to go to a theatre when in a city.

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