Топики (темы) по английскому языку

Seasons and Weather (text topic). Топик. Тема по английскому языку

Seasons and Weather 

The year is divided into four seasons – they are spring, summer, autumn and winter.

When winter comes, we are to spend more time at home, because it is cold outside. Ponds, lakes, rivers and streams are frozen and the roads are sometimes covered with slippery ice or deep snow. We may get fog, sleet and frost. The trees are bare because  bitter winds stripped them of all leaves. In

spring nature awakens from her long winter sleep. The trees are filled with new life. The weather gets gradually warmer The fields and meadows are covered with fresh green grass. The sky is blue and cloudless. At night millions of stars shine in the darkness.

When summer comes the weather gets warmer and sometimes it’s very hot. It’s the farmer’s busy season. He works in his fields from morning till night. Sometimes the sky is overcast with heavy clouds. There are storms with thunder, lightning and hail. Autumn brings with it the harvest time. The days get shorter and the nights longer. The woods turn yellow and brown, leaves begin to fall from the trees The sky is grey and it often rains.

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