Топики (темы) по английскому языку

Business trip (text topic) – Командировка (тема, топик по английскому)

Business trips are just part of doing business. A company tries to choose only its best people to represent it. Trips can happen in or out of the country.  And there are as many reasons to go on a business as there are places to go: to sign contracts, to discuss terms of delivery, payment or shipment, to have tests, to consult, to improve one’s professional skills, to provide support. Representatives of the companies involved usually make preliminary arrangements in order to meet. Whether a long-term or short-term trip, the itinerary must be carefully planned by the head of a department or another executive.   After the trip, an employee is ordinarily expected to give a full financial accounting of the trip to his boss. Sightseeing, cultural events and just plain relaxing are a regular part of every business trip.  And no businessman would dare forget to buy gifts for relatives, friends and colleagues while on a business trip to an interesting, new location.  These trips are important because they contribute to the expansion of a company’s business relationships and help that company succeed in the competitive world market.  

Business today is international in character, and business people often have to travel. On a business trip people might meet colleagues and business partners for the first time. Often, colleagues from different countries experience cultural difficulties, that is, they are surprised by strange, to them, social conventions in a new place. Different cultures do things differently! Management styles also differ from country to country. It’s often useful when doing business in a foreign land, to get some advice from a special agency which consults on questions of international business. These days business trips are very important because face to face meetings are more valuable to profitable business than any other type of strategy.

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